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Does it feel like winter to you already...

I must pick in my apples before the frosts start. With the closing in of evenings comes the return of rehearsals after Castle Players summer break. We read some great plays during the summer months and had a few really good socials too. Sadly not as many as I had hoped due to my tendency to bring rain with me whenever I arrange something on the beach; but we had a lot of fun. No more outdoor arrangements now though. 10 of us had a fabulous time at "The Play That Goes Wrong" last Thursday. I admit after the one they showed on television last Christmas I wasn't really convinced but Phil was adamant it would be a good night. He was wrong. It was bloody brilliant! Honestly, we laughed so much it hurt by the time we left the Lighthouse. A fantastic set that became an active part of the show later. The cast looked they were having a whale of a time, their energy could power a small town for a week. And talk about slick! Timing, stunts, magic tricks... The same company, Mischief Theatre, are putting on another show next April at The Lighthouse. It's a comedy about a bank robbery called "The Comedy About a Bank Robbery". We really must get another group together I'd hate for you to miss out. Now, where was I... Oh yes. Autumn is upon us and Castle Players' twice weekly sojourn to the Rose and Crown has recommenced. We are also rehearsing Blithe Spirit before hand. Jo is doing a marvelous job (as always) of direction. Already we can see the show taking shape as characters develop and their little nuances begin to emerge. Without the slapstick of "The Play That Goes Wrong", Blithe Spirit is another production that requires a huge amount of energy from its players and it looks like Jo is going the right way about getting the best from his excellent cast. All we need now is for the sound guy to get off his butt and produce some equally wonderful sound effects. I must have words with myself! Blithe Spirit Tickets are on sale now in the Rose and Crown or from our website or on the phone. This play is so funny (seriously, I swear there is a laugh on every line); get your tickets now and you'll have something warm and funny to look forward to as the cold nights draw in. What else has been going on? Oh, yes. The AGM how could I forget. We had a good turnout. We decided, after so many years I don't remember, that we really ought to raise the price of our subs. At £15 per year they are still the best value around and they help us pay our insurance that we must have. We also got a new committee. Linsey has taken over from Val as secretary. Thanks Val for all your hard work. Phil has taken over publicity and we welcome three new members in the form of Matt Barrett, Peter Bennett and Sally Hadlington; new blood and new ideas to help shape your society. In an historic change we also voted to change our constitution to remove the limit imposed on reelection of the Chairman. This was limited, like the American President, to two terms in office. Which was alright back in the days when societies had gazillions of members all clamouring for the top job, but these days, if you get hold of someone whose mug enough to do it you need to keep hold of them. So here I am, your chairman for another year. Don't worry though I'm not about to dissolve the Reichstag or anything with my new-found powers. In November we have the (in)famous Castle Players Quiz. This is devised and hosted by our very own Phil McMullen who always does an exceptional job of these with is sometimes fiendishly tricky questions. This is open to everyone, members and patrons of course, but also friends and family and members of the public. It's only £2 each to enter. There will beCastle Players economical bar there too plus some yummy cakes and refreshments. So come on, get a team together for one of the cheapest, most enjoyable nights out you'll find. And if you're really clever (or thick) you might win a prize. But wait! There's more. We are now planning the Castle Players Christmas do for 14th December. We thought a nice meal for our members would be just the job. Astonishingly we have to book already so it would be great if you would let us know if you'd like to come along so we have a rough idea of numbers. If there's anywhere you've been that you're particularly impressed with please let us know. I think that'll do for this time. We'll be set building for Blithe Spirit on the weekend 2nd Nov. It will be great to see you there to help out. You don't have to be a master carpenter or anything. Master tea makers are also needed as are master paper cutters, master carpet roller outers, master sticky tapers and all sorts. Let us know if you're coming along, we'll do lunch for Saturday and go down the Rose and Crown for Sunday lunch on, well, Sunday.

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