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Some comments received from our audiences...

"We love all your plays and wouldn't miss them for the world."

"Dick Whittington" January 2024

We had SUCH a great evening. So many laughs and it was our boys first panto. Before the car had even left they said passionately “ if they do one of these again next year WE MUST GO!!” 


Thanks so much for all your hard work. We loved it. 



Had a fantastic time watching this afternoon! It's a brilliant show and very funny - don't miss out, make sure you get down to see it tonight.



Well done it was a brilliant night x


"Blue Remembered Hills" October 2023

A great performance from a bunch of very well acted '7 year olds'. Very believable indeed. Not having the action on stage was a master stroke in my opinion. Sound, lights and special effects should also get a noteworthy mention.


What a fantastic production! I didn't know what to expect and was completely mesmerised!



We had a great evening. It was so good - better than some of the professional plays we've seen.

Audience comment

We loved it. Consider it was an excellent performance and, for an amateur company, quite outstanding.

Looking forward to next year.


"Still Alice" May 2022

What a wonderful evening. Lots to think about but great admiration for the actors having learned so many lines. Great as is usual for Castle Players. We have missed you over the last few months.

Congratulations for the wonderful handling of a difficult subject.


Well!  Having seen a lot of your productions over the years, I have to say in my humble opinion, that "Still Alice," was the best.  It may not have been the most enjoyable because of the subject matter, but boy did you do a remarkable job!


Wow! Just wow! What a wonderful play and wonderfully acted by all. A very emotional experience which reduced me to tears on occasions and, looking around, many other members of the audience too!

Thank you!


"Macbeth - the Pantomime!" Jan & Feb 2020

Our congratulations to all of your team for the great pantomime performance,  please especially give our thanks and congratulation to your lady writer of the play, it was great.
P, T, P & J 85, 93 & 91 years!

Just a note to congratulate you for such an excellent panto. I’m sorry the audience on the first night weren’t quite up to scratch - not your fault!!!

Hopefully subsequent audiences will be more enthusiastic in their participation. 

The writing and performances were excellent. Especially from the younger members of the cast. I thought the lighting and technical aspects were also first class. Well done! 

D and J xx

If you haven’t booked for McBeth (sic) the Pantomime gets ticket while they are available.
Brilliant production, a really fun evening.
Cast all worked so hard, well done folks. Really enjoyed myself.

CW, via FaceBook

We laughed so much, well done everyone especially the youngsters. We are so lucky to have the Castle Players in our village

TE, via FaceBook

We did enjoy the pantomime tonight,cast, lighting scenery were excellent Thankyou

SF, via FaceBook

We really enjoyed Macbeth the Pantomime last night. Well done all of you - it was very funny, the timing was great, everyone spoke their lines clearly and the singing was fab!

MM, via FaceBook


"The Elephant Man" October 2019

What a great night seeing the production of ‘The Elephant Man’. A brilliant performance and amazing talent!

CB, via FaceBook

 Great night. Well done to you all for a fantastic performance.

NW, via FaceBook

No superlatives can adequately describe this awesome production. We were transported back to the 1800s and only during the interval and after such a great experience did we remember we were not in the West End! Many Congratulations to all in the Group.

Mr KN.

Please tell everyone how much we enjoyed the play.  What a task to take on and how brave of you to play that part. It was really, really great. Thank you all for a wonderful evening.

Mrs MC

Just home from one of life's great theatrical satisfying performances - my strong advice is 'Don't miss it!' You've one more performance left to catch at our village hall this Saturday at 19.30. This excellently directed moving production is one of the best Castle Players have produced. There are many lovely directorial touches which are so pleasing to catch and the standard of the acting of the whole cast is truly of a professional standard with some brilliant interpretations of their roles, and all with clear audible diction. Lovely costumes and innovative lighting and sounds all added to our entertainment, and the use of a live, beautifully playing, cellist was inspired.
Well done to the whole company 

Mr JP, via FaceBook

Our whole evening was wonderful. Such professionalism. High standards of acting, directing, costume and set/lighting etc. Thoroughly enjoyed ‘The Elephant Man’, many emotions and came away with a better knowledge of his life and his surgeon’s...who battled with many of the same morals and questions we all continue to have in life! Inspiring, thank you.

LT, via FaceBook

Excellent, difficult to believe that this was not a professional group. It is magical to discover this level of talent on a wet windy night in a Dorset village hall. Really pleased my other half noticed the poster.

BV, via FaceBook

Brave choice of play well done. Whilst it was a little slow at times, it made it's point. Particularly Matt Barrett's performance was outstanding. The collegiate approach of the cast, populating street scenes in subtle and intelligent ways enhanced the effective sound and light. Caroline Pugh's contribution was considerable achieving not only continuity but subtle changes in mood. Well done Caroline. Overall an enjoyable and thoughtful evening. Thank you. 


I went with some friends tonight to see The Elephant Man at the village hall. It was amazing, well scripted, well rehearsed and really really well acted, we are so lucky to have things like this in the village. Its definitely worth seeing if they have any tickets left. I can’t wait for The Castle Players next production.

JW, via FaceBook

"Dangerous Corner", May 2019

Just realised I never sent an email to say, firstly, thanks for the reserved seats.  Great idea.

Secondly to say what a wonderful evening we had.  Well done to everyone involved.  My husband declared that it was the best play he had seen.  There was certainly a lot of very hard work put in.  Please give our congratulations to everyone involved.  Looking forward to some more good evenings out at Castle Players.  So glad we signed up as patrons.

Mrs MC.

My wife and I have just returned from experiencing a wonderful production in all respects.
The castings were superbly acted, beautifully attired, and the scenery complimented the whole.
Hearty congratulations to Steve O'Neill for his directing, and his wife for the exacting part she played.
Prior to attending this evening, I had been considering becoming a patron; and, having a £20 note in my wallet I duly paid my money, knowing full well that whatever show my wife and I attend in the future, it will be well worth the visit.
PS. Absolutely loved the 'Reserved Tickets'. Our seats were exactly as I requested. Thank you so much.

Mr AM.

You can also read the critic's review of Dangerous Corner.


"Blithe Spirit", November 2018

I just want to say that when we saw this last Thursday we thought that the West End had come to us!!

It was a truly wonderful and flawless performance and production.  Many congratulations to all of you and grateful thanks!

Mr KN.

We saw last night's performance and thought it was superb all round. Please pass on our thanks to everyone involved in the production for a most enjoyable evening.
Mrs AW.

You can also read the critic's review of Blithe Spirit.

"Fun, Food and Fantasy", September 2017


Hi Castle Players,

Just wanted to say how much my friends and I enjoyed Friday evening, excellent entertainment, food and singing.  Your hard work in planning and putting on the evening really showed.  I particularly enjoyed The Rhythm of Life, a great song and it sounded fab.

Thank you all for a wonderful evening.

Mrs HD.

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