Following the latest Government announcement and the restrictions that are put on us, regrettably we are not able to go ahead with our performances of Sleuth next month.

We are going to postpone the show and, providing restrictions are lifted, we'll be doing it in October.

We are so excited to be back! After almost 18 months of lockdowns, lockups, isolation, masks, hand sanitiser and zoom calls, we are delighted to finally be able to get back on stage. It will be so good to perform in front of an audience again, we’re looking forward to seeing all our lovely friends, old and new.

We have chosen Sleuth by Anthony Shaffer as our first play. The small cast meant we could start rehearsing earlier, albeit outside where the elements were rather unkind to us at times… but “the show must go on” and we persevered! Sleuth is regarded as one of the greatest stage thrillers, winning the Tony Award for Best Play and inspiring two film versions which you may be familiar with. The 1972 original won five awards and starred Lawrence Olivier and Michael Caine, while the 2007 version was directed by Kenneth Branagh and starred Michael Caine and Jude Law.


The action begins when millionaire mystery writer, Andrew Wyke, invites his wife’s new lover to his country mansion for drinks. When young Milo Tindle arrives, Andrew has a proposal for him. His plan would enable both parties to live in the style to which they are, or would like to become, accustomed. It’s a win-win situation involving a break in, his wife’s ruby necklace and a clown’s costume! However, things are not all as they seem and Milo quickly becomes entangled in a web of deceit and manipulation. A battle of wits has drastic consequences and the question is no longer a whodunit, but a whodunwhat?


Looking forward to seeing you there!

Future Dates:

20-23 October - Sleuth


21,22,28,29 January 2022 - Pantomime 


18-21 May - Still Alice


16-19 November - Autumn Play