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April Fools!

Typical March weather, and what with the clocks springing forward and the evenings drawing out, some days recently have had a distinctly summery feel to them. There is, after all, light at the end of the wintery tunnel. It feels a bit like that for Castle Players. We had our second play reading on 12th of March. Phil and Linsey went to Wareham library the previous week and chose Michael Cooney's Cash on Delivery for us to read. I've never come across it before, I don't think many of us had. A proper farce; what a treat it was, Rib ticklingly, belly laughingly funny! As I said last time, we thought we'd hold the reading in the Rose and Crown. We thought it would be a very pleasant and comfortable atmosphere. We couldn't have got it more right. We booked a table for Sunday lunch the week before (for those who don't know, the Rose and Crown do a splendid Sunday lunch at a very reasonable price). Well, by Saturday evening we had 11 takers for lunch. It was a truly joyful occasion sat around a big table enjoying a lovely lunch, fine conversation and getting to know one another better. A further seven people arrived post lunch for the read through. I can honestly say everybody had a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon. So much so we are repeating the exercise for the next play reading on 9th April. We'll be meeting in the Rose and Crown for lunch at 12:45. It'll be lovely to see you all. If you want lunch please let Linsey know, preferably by 3rd April. If you're not quite sure you can make it yet you can always contact the Rose and Crown directly and add yourself to the Castle Players table. A few people did that last time. We'd love to see you. If you can't make lunch, never mind, Hopefully we'll see you for the read through which starts at 2:30. Just like last month I've deliberately stayed away from play choices. I've no idea what Linsey and Phil have chosen for this month so I'm really looking forward to another nice surprise. Hope you are. And remember, it's your society, if you have some ideas for plays we should read don't be shy, let us know. If we can get hold of the play books we'll give it a go. After all that's what these events are for. What else is going on? So, we've got the one acts sorted and the panto. It'll be great if you can all let your friends and family know about these. There are dates elsewhere in this newsletter for auditions and wot-not. That's about all there is for this month, said it was quiet, but please let all your friends and neighbours know what Castle Players are up to. I know it seems a long way off but please also keep up interest in the up and coming things we're up to. Especially the panto read through and auditions and the one acts. There are a couple of other shows advertised below from our friends in other societies. Maybe we could get a group together to go and see one or both of them. I always feel it's good to support one another and keep theatre alive and kicking in and around Dorset. I think that about covers everything for this month. Remember, we always love to hear from you. Any ideas please just shout. Get in touch. Anyway, have fun, take care and we'll see you on the 9th April for a right old laugh again. All the best, Chairman Steve

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