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And suddenly it's back to school...

When I was at school, which is quite some time ago now, summer holiday's used to last, seemingly, forever. I never got bored though and can't understand those that did. Anyway, I digress. Nowadays that six week holiday seems no sooner to have started than the kids are already preparing to go back. A bit like the frequency of these newsletters really; they seem to come around very quickly. Anyway, what's been going on? As you know we had to cancel the beach barbecue due to the rain and that even despite my promise to stay at home. Perhaps the rain gods thought me insincere. Some people have speculated that I may indeed be a minor rain god myself. Certainly the clouds seem to love me and follow me around wherever I go. Quite apart from the abandoned barbecue only the day after that was scheduled we had our play read in the pub, which, for a few of us, succeeded a very lovely Sunday lunch in the Rose and Crown. We had a tremendous turnout so had to read our nine part farce rather than the four part thriller. The farce was indeed truly farcical and so memorable that I have entirely forgotten its title. For those of you who know me that won't come as a surprise - my feats of memory are, by now legendary, just ask Linsey! At the play read we met Lindsay and Gwen, and Mica whom we welcome as new members. That same day, with a quick change and a spot of tea, four of us dashed off to Moreton to learn about a new low budget film that is being filmed in the area, Lawrance After Arabia. It looks like a fascinating project and the company are looking for people from local Am-Drams to augment the cast and crew. We thought this would be something of interest to our members. I've been involved with a number of films and find the whole process fascinating. You'll find more details below. The most important date for your calendar this month is the Castle Players AGM at the Village Hall at 7:45 on 11th September. This is your opportunity to have your say and to shape the way your society is run and to suggest things you'd like us to do or change and so on. We're looking for new blood for the committee too to bring new energy and ideas to your society. So if you have some ideas, don't like what we're doing or just think you'd like to give it a go why not put your name forward. As always, of course, we are only as strong as our members. We have quite a large membership so it would be great to see you all there. As if the AGM were not exciting enough, following it we are reading and auditioning for the wonderful and complex one act farce, Black Comedy which is to be direct by new (to Castle Players) director Deanna Langford. We'll not only be looking for cast but also people to crew the play too which is going to be very technically challenging so a lot of fun for backstagers. And there's even more! We have organised a little outing to Poole Lighthouse on 4th Oct to see The Play That Goes Wrong (that's usually what happens to our plays so what happens to them when things that are supposed to go wrong don't; did they go right?). We have 10 tickets so if you'd like to go you need to get in quick. Tickets are £28.75 each. Details elsewhere in this newsletter. Wait, there's more! Next we have the (in)famous Castle Players Quizz Night on 23rd November. Once again set by our very own Phil McMullen, there will be some fiendishly hard questions, some bizarre moments and the downright strange. There's a bar and prizes too! These nights are a really good laugh so don't miss out. Then it's the big one. Rehearsals for Blithe Spirit commence on 16th Sept! I am so excited about this production. It is soooo funny. I swear there is a laugh with every line. It is also shockingly complex to stage so we need a lot of help backstage. Tickets are already selling so make sure you get yours for this enormously funny classic by Noel Coward. I did my first 5K Park run this morning. Maybe I should've built up to it a bit first. While I've been writing this Linsey has filled the bath with ice. I'm off to climb in now. Oh the pain.......

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