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Oops! Sorry about that...

I am so sorry. There we all were basking in the endless summer. Organising barbecues with gay abandon, safe in the knowledge that, like 1976, the weather was set until October. And then I arranged a barbecue on the beach with my lovely children and grand kids then, bam, the heavens opened. You won't know this but people at work ask me when I'm going on holiday, and if it's in the UK they avoid those dates. I once went to Dubai where, apparently it only rains in January. It was November and to everyone's amazement within two days of my arrival they were forecasting rain. Honestly, I should offer my services. Still, it's given me the chance to write this which wouldn't have been done otherwise. Not much consolation there. Summer is a quiet time for Castle Players, most of our events taking place in the cooler and darker months. Nevertheless your committee have been busy beavering away with some ideas to keep us going. We've had our picnic in the park (fantastically well attended) and coming up we have our barbecue on the beach. With lots of yummy food, silly games and sea temperatures unheard of in dear old blighty, it is sure to be a really fun day. I promise to stay at home, indoors and will not plan anything else that requires dry weather. Closely on the heels of this, the next day in fact, we get together again for one of our now legendary play reads, probably at the Rose and Crown at 2:30. Play reads are open to anyone to come along, and it's always a mystery what we're going to read. Could be a thriller, a comedy, something period or something contemporary; who knows? For anyone that fancies a really scrummy Sunday lunch beforehand we'll be booking a table for 1pm. Let one of your committee know if you'd like to join our table for some great nosh and stimulating conversation. A week ago a bunch of us got together to go and "maintain the container". Our thanks go out to Jo Puttick who has pretty much single highhandedly been looking after the container for many years now. Well now it is time for him to hang up his oil can and hand over to younger and fitter members (ha ha). Nevertheless, Jo was there to train us up and lend a helping hand. We made a good start but it was far too hot to do any painting. It would have dried in the pot. And who knew how many different sizes of hose attachment there are? We really could have done with a good cooling off but our standard 15mm hose attachments we too small for the obvious tap in the yard. After much squirreling around another tap was found but this time too small. Look out for more on "maintaining the container". We'll give it another go soon. We have the AGM coming up in September, the 11th to be exact. Come along and have your say. It's your society so make the best of it. Also in September rehearsals for Blithe Spirit, our autumn play, begin in earnest. We've already "blocked" it (for those of you not too familiar with lovey's talk, that's telling people where to move and when) so our tremendous cast can be learning their moves as they learn their lines over the summer. Tickets are already on sale so make sure you get yours for this enormously funny classic by Noel Coward. I think that'll do for now. I'm going to take myself to bed and wrap up warm with a duvet.

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