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Life, death and Jingo

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Doing these newsletters is like ticking your life off one month at a time. It seems no sooner have I sat down from the previous one than Linsey is cajoling (I thought that was a kinder word) me to do the next one. So here it is.... Last time I wrote we were into our 3rd week of rehearsals for Jingo. Now we have a little over three weeks to go before we are up on stage. Which is scary and thrilling all at the same time. Rehearsals have been going really well and we are all having an obscene amount of fun. I'm sure the Rose and Crown must have doubled their takings! Books are down, scenes are gelling, characters are emerging. And as we get more confident with our words the whole thing is taking on a sparkling life of it's own. As political events around the world unfold like a children's playground fight; "I'm going to tax you for your imports", "well I'll tax you on yours more". "I'm gonna expel your diplomats", "well I'll expel more of yours nah, nah, nah nah, nah!". Terry Pratchett's merciless mockery of the political systems rings loudly and clearly. His gift for cutting, laser-like, through the insanity of our world is unerring. His wicked insight and humour explores that very real world and unedifying human condition when people who were once friends get lost in their differences of ethnicity, colour, religion or race (and, in the case of Discworld, species) with horrid consequences. But, as always, he manages to make us think while taking us on a hilarious adventure. Written back in 1997 Jingo is still as relevant today as it ever was. So if you have any interest in the world around you and would like to see it brought down to size by the master of satire and parody don't miss this play. It will have you laughing and it might just make you think. It couldn't be simpler to get tickets. Just click here You don't need a paypal account and we don't even charge a booking fee. Of course, if you're in the village and fancy a walk and a pint you will also be able to get your tickets from the Rose and Crown. You can even take advantage of their fantastic meal deal. That's it for now. Now would be a great time to click that button and order your tickets for Jingo. Take care, have fun and we'll see you at the show. Chairman Steve

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