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Terry Pratchett's Jingo

I know it's already meteorological spring but the real one hasn't started yet, which seems self-evident when I look out of the window. Unlike rehearsals for Jingo. We are into our 3rd Sunday of rehearsals this week. And what a lot of fun we're having. Terry Pratchett's ability to mercilessly poke fun at, what can be, some very serious topics is legendary and Jingo is no exception. There are moments when the cast are brought to a standstill with laughter. For those of you who are not familiar with Sir Terry's work the stories are very much of this planet but set on a world that allows a freedom of expression that is not bogged down in the political correctness of this one. This allows for a far freer rein to comment on the political and social injustices of this one; and in such hilarious ways. Jingo is essentially a comedy political crime thriller populated with a cast of humans and other unusual beings. It is about the events that occur when two nation states go to war over the ownership of a lost island that miraculously reappears in the middle of the sea. So if you love comedy, crime or thrillers, this play is for you. And if you are a Pratchett fan you really cannot miss it. It couldn't be simpler to get tickets. Just click here for details. You don't need a paypal account and we don't even charge a booking fee. Of course, if you're in the village and fancy a walk and a pint you will also be able to get your tickets from the Rose and Crown very soon (once the roads are passable again). You can even take advantage of their fantastic meal deal. That's all for now. I hope you've all been able to keep safe and warm. Chairman Steve

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