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June is busting out all over!

I was a bit worried for a moment there. Earlier in the week the nice people on the BBC weather said it was going to be a fine and sunny bank holiday. Thankfully they got it wrong and we got the bank holiday we all know and appreciate. There's not much to say this time. I know I said something similar last time then went on for ages and ages. But honestly... Looking back, we read the one-act plays last month in the pub as usual. They are two terrifically funny plays. I'm really looking forward to getting them under way. We had a good number of people there to read too. Looking forward, we have the Village Fayre on 17th June. Some intrepid Castle Players will be out and about drumming up business with some song and a stall. We are meeting up at the container beforehand, on Sunday 11th before the Panto reading to get some dressing up clothes so if you're into dressing up and making an exhibition of yourself why not come along and join in. We'll meet at the Hall at about 4:45pm then make our way down to the container. So, talking about the Panto. We have the read through on 11th June at 6pm. Yay! For the last panto we had a really good turn out. Once again we have a tremendous script but in true Castle Players fashion it is really only the beginning. There will be opportunities for your contribution too as we go through rehearsals. We always aim to give everybody who wants to be involved the opportunity to do so. And Linsey is also looking for youngsters to be involved so please pass this on to any budding young thespians. Following on from the panto read through (and to optimise our Hall hire fee) we'll be auditioning for the one act plays: Sherlock Holmes' Last Case, to be directed by the wonderful Val Holland, requires three men and four women. The Last Bread Pudding, to be directed by the effervescent Chris Bunn, also requires three men and four women. Casting, as always, is open to everyone; new members and old but over sixteens only please. If you'd like to get involved or would like more information please email us. In any event please do come along. It's sure to be a fun evening. And there you have it. That's all I'm going to say. That surprised you didn't it! Laterz, Have Fun! Chairman Steve 

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