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So in twelve days time we have the Castle Players Pantomime Workshops and Auditions! Awesome. How did that come around so quickly?

It seems only seconds ago that I was strolling around the football fields outside Lytchett Village Hall at the Village Fayre trying to drum up new members and new audience dressed in what I thought was a very fetching pink dress. I was supposed to be wearing a matching pink wig but phew, what a day. It was so hot! We knew we were in trouble the minute we arrived without a Gazebo. We had a last minute phone around to see if any of our members had one we could borrow but to no avail. Never mind, it was a great day and I think in all our silly garb we managed to halt some people in their tracks to have a chat about the players and joining or just coming along. We sang a few songs too. It was amazing the number of villagers who have never ventured to see one of our shows and even more amazing the number that didn't even know of our existence. I wonder what happens to those fliers we push through just about every door in Lytchett three times a year. Any ideas how we could better reach people? Ideas on a postcard please and the best one gets a free tour of the village. So, back to the panto workshop. We'll be in the Village Hall from 2:30. There'll be all sorts of activities and the opportunity to meet up with old friends and more importantly make friends new. We aim to be highly inclusive and are looking for a fun, family orientated pantomime for both members and audience. There will be singing, dancing, acting and improvisation for those that want to and I'll probably be doing a digital sound workshop for part of the day too if anyone's interested in learning about the fun you can have making funny and scary sound effects! It promises to be a fun afternoon and will set the tone for the rehearsals and the show. The other thing you really need to be aware of is our ones acts evening in aid of the Village Hall. If you don't know about the one acts we're performing two short very funny comedies this time. Sherlock Holmes' Last Case and The Last Bread Pudding were cast last month and rehearsals get underway soon. Not only do you get two plays for the price of one, we also have a musical interlude and you get an evening meal and very good value for money bar! For the price, just £12, it's cheaper to come and spend an evening with us than to stay at home. I guess our stint at the Village Fayre worked too because I think tickets this year are selling faster than they ever have done before and with only 100 seats available for each of the 29th and 30th September you better get in quick. I'm sorry to say that, because we are catering we can only accept advanced ticket sales. If you order now you can pick them upon the door but there will be none for sale on the night. So get in quick, don't be disappointed. And now, with summer holidays fast approaching I sincerely hope that you are able to get away and have some fun in the sun - right after you've come along to the panto workshop - and that you make sure you're back for the One Acts. TTFN (you can't always be down with the kidz), Have Fun! Chairman Steve

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