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Onwards and Upwards

Well, what a great couple of nights the One Acts turned out to be.

With really good audiences for both nights, Saturday was sold out, I have to thank our two directors for choosing two excellent plays and for doing such a good job of direction. Thank you Val and Chris. We hope to see you in a directing role again soon. We must also thank my long suffering wife who, for reason known only to herself, volunteered to do all the catering - for 130 people? She must be mad. Everyone who came said what a wonderful evening they had. Four complete strangers came up to me afterwards and told me how much they liked the sets... If you didn't come to the show you'll not get that. Shame on you! The musical interlude also went down very well with everybody and of course there was a stunning cameo role as Blofeld from yours truly ;-/ It would seem that although Castle Players has had some challenges off the stage we still have it where it matters. And to top it all we are able to donate £1000 to the Village Hall to help them with their continuing, Forth Bridge like, maintenance projects on our aging hall (yes I know they coated the Forth Bridge in special paint so there's no more maintenance but we can't afford that with the hall). So, onwards and upwards. The pantomime next. An extravaganza of song and dance, romance and laughter. Rehearsals start this week and I know this is going to be so much fun. Not only that. I am hoping to direct the play Jingo, an adaptation by Stephen Briggs of Terry Pratchett's book. This is in honour of what would be Terry's 70th birthday. As with all Discworld books, it is a witty satirical slant on our own world and promises to be a lot of fun and at the same time requires a great deal of thought and innovation to be able to stage it. I do hope you'll all be able to come to the read through on 26th November. Details below. See ya soon, Have fun. Chairman Steve

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