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Panto, Pratchett and Parties!

Here we are again. Panto rehearsals are underway. We've only had a few but already things are shaping up quite nicely. It must be very gratifying for Linsey to hear people laughing out loud at the jokes. People have already been contributing their ideas and jokes including some lovely visual comedy. To my mind this is what makes a truly great pantomime; people having a lot of fun with it and making their own contributions. It gives a great sense of ownership. I think the script is close to being finalised now so time to crack on and learn those lines. I've been busy out in my shed every weekend putting together the songs for the show and we'll be rehearsing them soon. In other news, on 26th November at 4pm after panto rehearsal we are going to read through what I hope will be our spring play, Jingo, by Terry Pratchett adapted for stage by Stephen Briggs. It's a brilliant and funny satirical story that pokes fun at the stupidity of conflict. It has a big cast, although there is the opportunity for doubling up parts, so I am really eager that as many of you as possible of the panto cast stay on for the read through and that all our other members will come along too. It'll be great if you can encourage any of your thespian friends to come along too! At the end of the read through I'll be trying to gauge if there's enough interest for me to cast and stage it. Away from pantos and plays, we have arranged for a Christmas Meal for the Players in December. It will be lovely if we can get a good crowd together. Members past and present along with their partners are welcome as are patrons. Looking ahead to the new year we have organised a skittle evening which should be a fun and cheap night out. To find out the full details for these and other events, and get our full newsletter, join as a member or patron now! (See below to find out how!) That'll do for another month. Let's keep having fun. And as my sons girlfriend so happily reminded me this morning, Only 50 more sleeps until Christmas (bah humbug!). See ya soon, Have fun. Chairman Steve 

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